Modern Day Cinderella Drawing6 min read

Jun 2, 2022 5 min
Modern Day Cinderella Drawing

Modern Day Cinderella Drawing6 min read

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When most people think of the story of Cinderella, they think of the classic Disney movie. However, the story of Cinderella is much older than that. The story is actually based on a French fairy tale from the 18th century.

The story of Cinderella is about a young woman who is forced to do all the work in her household. Her stepmother and stepsisters make her life miserable, and she is always treated like a servant. One day, a fairy godmother appears to Cinderella and offers to help her. She gives Cinderella a beautiful dress to wear to the ball, and she also gives her a coach and horses to take her there. Cinderella goes to the ball and meets a prince. They fall in love and eventually get married.

The story of Cinderella has been remade many times over the years. One of the most recent versions is the movie “Cinderella” from 2015. This movie is a live action version of the story, and it stars Lily James as Cinderella.

How do you draw modern Cinderella?

In this article, we will be looking at how to draw a modern version of Cinderella.

To start with, you will need to draw a rough outline of the character’s body. Make sure to keep the proportions accurate, and don’t forget to add in the characteristic features of Cinderella – such as her long hair and her glass slippers.

Once you have the body outline drawn in, you can start to add in the details. Begin by drawing in the clothes that she is wearing. For the modern version of Cinderella, we will be using a simple dress with a flared skirt.

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Next, add in the facial features. Cinderella has a kind and gentle expression, so make sure to keep her eyes and mouth soft and gentle.

Finally, give her some sparkling accessories. We recommend using some glass slippers, a tiara, and some delicate jewellery.

And that’s it! You have now drawn a beautiful modern version of Cinderella.

How do you draw a easy Cinderella?

There are many different ways to draw Cinderella, but this tutorial will show you how to draw an easy Cinderella.

To start, draw a basic outline of Cinderella’s body. She should be wearing a blue dress and a white apron.

Next, draw the outline of her head and hair. Her hair should be in a bun and she should have a tiara on her head.

Now, draw the details of her dress and apron. The dress should be flowy and have a lace detail on the bottom. The apron should have a white ruffle on the bottom.

Finally, draw the details of her face and hair. She should have a gentle expression and her hair should be pulled back in a bun.

Congratulations, you’ve drawn an easy Cinderella!

How do you draw Cinderella cute?

There are many different ways to draw Cinderella, but one of the most popular and adorable ways is to make her look very cute. This can be done by adding simple details to her clothing and hair, and by making her face look sweet and innocent.

To draw Cinderella in a cute style, you’ll need to start by drawing her basic outline. She should have a round, chubby body, and her arms and legs should be thin and delicate. Her hair should be styled in a simple up-do, and you can add a few curls to it for extra cuteness. Her dress should be simple and elegant, with a full skirt and a delicate lace overlay.

When drawing Cinderella’s face, make sure to give her big, bright eyes and rosy cheeks. You can also add a few freckles to her nose for extra charm. Her smile should be sweet and innocent, and her lips should be slightly parted.

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If you want to give your Cinderella a more cartoonish look, you can add big, round eyes and exaggerated features. You can also add some fun accessories, like a pretty tiara or a pair of glass slippers.

No matter how you choose to draw her, Cinderella is sure to be adorable and charming. So grab your pencils and paper and get started on your own cute version of this classic fairy tale character.

How do you draw Cinderella princess?

There are many different ways to draw Cinderella, and each artist might have their own technique. However, there are some common steps that can be followed to create a successful drawing of the beloved princess.

The first step is to sketch out the rough outline of Cinderella’s body. This can be done freehand or with the help of a guide such as a photo. Next, begin to fill in the details of her dress, hair, and accessories. Be sure to use a light hand when drawing the details, as they should be relatively subtle. Finally, add any finishing touches such as highlights or shadows, and then erase any remaining sketch lines.

Cinderella is a beautiful and timeless character, and drawing her is a fun way to show your love of Disney movies and fairy tales. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create a stunning portrait of this classic princess.

How do you draw Cinderella with pencil color?

There are many different ways to draw Cinderella with pencil color. In this article, I will show you one way to do it.

The first step is to sketch the outline of Cinderella’s body. Make sure to make her slim and graceful.

Next, start adding in the details. Draw her dress, gloves, and shoes. Be sure to use different shades of pink and purple to create a realistic effect.

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Once you have finished the details, add in the shadows and highlights. Use a light pink shade for the highlights and a dark purple shade for the shadows.

And that’s it! You have now successfully drawn Cinderella with pencil color.

How do you draw Elsa in Frozen 2?

In the original Frozen film, Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle and has magical powers that allow her to create ice and snow. In Frozen 2, Elsa must use her powers to save her kingdom and her family.

When drawing Elsa for Frozen 2, start by drawing a basic outline of her body. Elsa is a tall, thin woman, so make her body shape slender. Next, draw in her clothes. For Elsa’s outfit in Frozen 2, she wears a light blue dress with a long cape. Her dress has a high neckline and a fitted waist. Finish the drawing by adding details to Elsa’s face and hair. Elsa’s hair is long and blonde, and she has a delicate face with high cheekbones.

When drawing Elsa for Frozen 2, remember to make her look like a strong and confident woman. Her pose should be regal and her expression should be determined. Thanks for reading!

How do you draw Gus and Jaq?

If you want to draw Gus and Jaq from Disney’s “Cinderella”, it’s not too difficult. Here’s how to do it:

To draw Gus, start with a basic circle for his head. Next, draw two small ovals for his ears. Then, add a small triangle for his nose and two small circles for his eyes. Finally, draw a small rectangle for his mouth.

For Jaq, start with a basic oval for his head. Next, draw two small circles for his ears. Then, add a small triangle for his nose and two small circles for his eyes. Finally, draw a small rectangle for his mouth.

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