Chinese Dragon Head Drawing6 min read

Jun 6, 2022 5 min
Chinese Dragon Head Drawing

Chinese Dragon Head Drawing6 min read

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Dragon heads are a common feature on Chinese roofs. They are said to protect the building from bad luck and evil spirits. The dragon is a symbol of power and good fortune in Chinese culture.

Dragon heads are usually carved out of wood or stone. They are often very detailed, with scales, horns, and feathers. Some dragon heads even have movable parts, so that they can spit fire or water.

The tradition of installing dragon heads on roofs dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). They were used to show the importance of the building and to impress visitors. Today, they are still used as a decorative feature on Chinese roofs.

How do you draw a Chinese dragon head?

There are many different ways to draw a Chinese dragon head, but the following steps will show you how to draw a basic dragon head.

1. Start by drawing a large circle for the dragon’s head.

2. Next, draw two intersecting lines in the center of the circle to create the dragon’s mouth.

3. Draw two more intersecting lines to create the dragon’s eyes.

4. Finally, use the remaining lines to give the dragon’s head some detail.

How do you draw a front facing dragon head?

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to draw a front facing dragon head.

First, draw a simple outline of the head.

Next, add some basic features to the head.

Then, add the details to the head.

Finally, add the finishing touches to the head.

How do you draw a Eastern Dragon?

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. There are many different kinds of dragons, with different features and abilities.

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The eastern dragon is a particularly well-known type of dragon. This dragon is typically depicted as a long, serpentine creature with four legs and two wings. It has a long, slender neck, and a distinctive crest or mane on its head. The eastern dragon is often portrayed as a benevolent creature, which is associated with wisdom, luck, and power.

If you want to draw an eastern dragon, there are a few things you need to know. The first step is to sketch out the basic outline of the dragon’s body. Start with a long, curved line for the dragon’s back, and then add two lines for the front legs. Next, add the dragon’s head and neck, and then draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally, add the wings and tail.

Once you have the basic outline of the dragon sketched out, you can start adding details. The dragon’s mane can be drawn using a series of curved lines, and the crest on its head can be made with a few spikes or curves. The dragon’s body can be decorated with scales, and its wings can be drawn using a series of curves and lines. The dragon’s tail can be curled up or down, depending on your preference.

When you’re finished, your dragon should look like a long, serpentine creature with four legs, two wings, and a distinctive crest or mane on its head. It should be a benevolent creature, with scales and wings that shimmer in the light.

How do you draw a cute Chinese dragon easy?

In this article, we will show you how to draw a cute Chinese dragon easy.

You will need:

– A piece of paper

– A pencil

– Some imagination!

1. Draw a basic outline of a dragon. It doesn’t need to be too detailed, just make sure it has the basic features of a dragon.

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2. Next, start adding in the details. Draw the dragon’s head and snout, and make sure to add some cute features like big eyes and a smile.

3. Finally, color in your dragon and give it some fun patterns and designs. You can be as creative as you want with this part!

How do you draw a real dragon head?

dragons are one of the most popular mythical creatures, and many people want to know how to draw them. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw a realistic dragon head.

To begin, sketch out the basic shape of the dragon’s head. It should be a bit rounded, with a long snout.

Next, add the details. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. The eyes should be large and slanted, and the nose and mouth should be sharp and menacing.

Finally, add the scales. Start at the top of the head and work your way down. Make sure to vary the size and shape of the scales to create a realistic effect.

When you’re done, your dragon head should look like this:

Thanks for watching!

How do you make a dragon head?

Making a dragon head is a fun and exciting project that can be completed with a few simple materials. The finished product will be a realistic-looking dragon head that can be used as a Halloween decoration, costume piece, or toy.

To make a dragon head, you will need:

-a cardboard box

-a hot glue gun

-a pair of scissors

-a ruler

-a pencil


-a paintbrush


-a wire cutter

1. Cut the top off of a cardboard box and discard it. Cut the box in half so that you have two rectangles, and then cut each rectangle in half so that you have four squares.

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2. Draw a dragon head shape onto one of the squares using a ruler and pencil. Cut out the shape with scissors.

3. Glue the two halves of the dragon head together using a hot glue gun.

4. Paint the dragon head using paint and a paintbrush.

5. Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long. Bend the wire into the shape of a dragon head. Use a wire cutter to trim any excess wire.

6. Glue the wire dragon head to the top of the dragon head made out of cardboard.

How do you draw dragon Eye WOF?

There is no one definitive way to draw a dragon eye, as each artist may have their own preferred method. However, there are some general tips that can be followed to produce a good result.

The first step is to sketch out the basic shape of the eye. This can be done freehand, or with the help of a template. Next, add in the details of the eye including the pupil, iris, and eyelashes. Finally, color in the eye using a variety of shades to create depth and realism.

When drawing the pupil, it is important to make sure that it is properly centered within the iris. The iris can be drawn using a variety of different shapes, depending on the dragon’s personality and the specific scene being depicted. For example, a fierce dragon may have a pupil that is narrow and slit-like, while a more gentle dragon may have a larger, rounder pupil.

The eyelashes should be drawn using thin, delicate lines, and should be placed in a way that gives the eye a realistic appearance. Finally, the color of the eye can be varied depending on the dragon’s mood or environment. For example, a dragon’s eye might be a deep green when it is resting in a forest, but turn a bright red when it is angry or attacking.

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