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Antony Armstrong Jones Photography

Antony Armstrong Jones Photography6 min read

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Antony Armstrong Jones Photography is a photography company that was founded in 1992 by Antony Armstrong Jones. The company is based in London, England and specializes in wedding, portrait, and commercial photography.

Antony Armstrong Jones Photography has been featured in a number of publications, including Brides, Cosmopolitan, and Hello! magazines. The company has also been awarded a number of accolades, including the Wedding Industry Award for Best Wedding Photographer in the UK in 2013 and the Master Photographer Award from the Master Photographers Association in 2009.

Antony Armstrong Jones Photography is well-known for its creative and unique photography style. The company’s wedding photography is particularly popular, and has been described as “timeless and elegant.” Antony Armstrong Jones Photography’s portrait photography is also highly respected, and has been featured in a number of high-profile campaigns, including the launch of the Apple iPhone 6.

Antony Armstrong Jones Photography is a highly respected photography company with a rich history of capturing beautiful images. If you’re looking for a talented photographer for your wedding, portrait, or commercial project, Antony Armstrong Jones Photography is a great option.

Was Lord Snowdon a photographer?

Was Lord Snowdon a photographer?

Yes, he was. He was a very accomplished photographer and his work has been exhibited around the world.

Did Lord Snowdon have an illegitimate child?

Did Lord Snowdon have an illegitimate child?

Lord Snowdon, born Anthony Armstrong-Jones, was a well-known British photographer and the husband of Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister. He was also reportedly the father of an illegitimate child.

According to reports, Lord Snowdon had an affair with American model Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and the two had a child together in 1977. The child, who was given up for adoption, was never publicly acknowledged by Lord Snowdon.

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Many people were shocked by the news of Lord Snowdon’s alleged affair and illegitimate child. Some felt that he had betrayed his wife and the royal family, while others felt that it was simply a personal matter that should not have been made public.

In the end, the allegations about Lord Snowdon’s illegitimate child were never confirmed or denied. However, the reports certainly raised many questions about the private life of one of Britain’s most famous families.

Who did Lord Snowdon photograph?

Lord Snowdon, born Anthony Armstrong-Jones, was a renowned portrait photographer of the 20th century. He was particularly noted for his photography of celebrities and members of the British royal family.

Snowdon photographed everyone from movie stars to political leaders. He was good at capturing the essence of his subjects and managed to capture their personality in his portraits.

Perhaps his most famous photograph is that of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on their wedding day in 1947. He also photographed Princess Margaret on her wedding day in 1960.

Other notable subjects of Snowdon’s photography include Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, and Marilyn Monroe.

Snowdon was a talented photographer and his portraits are considered to be some of the best ever taken. He will be remembered as one of the greats of the photographic world.

Who took the photo of Princess Margaret?

Princess Margaret was photographed by David Bailey in 1963. Bailey is a British photographer who has worked extensively in the fashion and portrait photography industries. He is known for his use of natural light and for his candid shots of his subjects.

The photo of Princess Margaret was taken as part of a series of photos that Bailey was commissioned to take of the Royal Family. The series was intended to document the changing nature of the monarchy and the public’s perception of it.

Princess Margaret was 26 years old at the time the photo was taken. She was the youngest of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children and was considered to be the wild child of the family. She was known for her rebellious streak and for her partying lifestyle.

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Bailey took the photo of Princess Margaret in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. The photo shows Margaret standing in a casual pose, with her hair blowing in the wind. She is wearing a simple dress and has a smile on her face.

The photo was published in Vogue magazine and was met with mixed reactions. Some people praised Bailey for capturing Margaret’s personality in the photo, while others criticized her for being too casual and unprofessional.

The photo has become one of Bailey’s most iconic images and is often used as a reference point for his later work.

Where is Roddy Llewellyn now?

Where is Roddy Llewellyn now?

This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years, as Roddy Llewellyn was a very popular Welsh actor in the 1970s and 1980s.

Unfortunately, Roddy Llewellyn passed away in 1993 at the age of 44, after a long battle with cancer.

Roddy Llewellyn was born in 1949 in the town of Tredegar in Wales. After training as an actor, he made his television debut in the series Pobol y Cwm in 1973.

He went on to star in a number of popular television series in the UK, including The Professionals, Minder, and The Sweeney.

Roddy Llewellyn also starred in a number of films during his career, including The Wild Geese, Krull, and Who Dares Wins.

Sadly, Roddy Llewellyn’s life was cut short in 1993, when he passed away from cancer. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Who were Margarets lovers?

Margaret of Anjou was married to King Henry VI of England, and she had several alleged lovers. One of her most famous lovers was Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset. Edmund was married to Margaret’s cousin, and they had two children. Margaret is said to have had an affair with Edmund while he was still married.

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Another of Margaret’s alleged lovers was William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk. William was married to Margaret’s sister, and they had two children. Margaret is said to have had an affair with William while he was still married.

It is also said that Margaret had an affair with Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York. Richard was married to Cecily Neville, and they had four children. Margaret is said to have had an affair with Richard while he was still married.

Margaret was also rumored to have been involved with John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset. John was married to Margaret’s niece, and they had one child. Margaret is said to have had an affair with John while he was still married.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence to support any of these allegations. Therefore, it is difficult to say for certain who Margaret’s true lovers were.

Who was Mrs Fry?

Who was Mrs Fry?

In 1811, a woman named Elizabeth Fry opened a prison for women in London. This was the first time in history that a woman had ever done such a thing. Mrs. Fry was a Quaker, and she believed that all people, regardless of their social standing, deserved to be treated with respect. She believed that prisons should be places of rehabilitation, not punishment.

Mrs. Fry worked tirelessly to improve the conditions in her prison. She insisted that the women be given fresh food and clean water, and that they be given access to religion and education. She also campaigned for better living conditions for prisoners, and she helped to establish the first prison reform society in England.

Elizabeth Fry was a remarkable woman, and her work has had a lasting impact on the prison system in England and around the world. Thanks to her efforts, prisons are now seen as places where people can be rehabilitated, not punished.

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