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Typecase Industries opened its doors on June 1st 2013 after about 6 months of dreaming that we could do this: start a business in a terrible recession. TCI is a tight-knit design and printing studio thought up and executed by three close friends. After years of some really awful bosses in the printing industry TCI was our aspiration to be the bosses and company we always wanted to have. Beginning in Stephanie’s living room, clad in slipper socks and with large amounts of coffee, we started designing promotional materials for an online marketing firm in DC.

After two months we had worked up enough income to find an actual space and began the hunt for a studio. We found our home in the O St. Artist Studios in NW DC.TCI specializes in letterpress, however we also offer offset printing, screenprinting, binding, publication design and graphic design services. From wedding suites to shirt designs, coasters to cards we’ve had a wide variety of projects come our way in our first year of business… we even expanded our studio with a second letterpress!

Emily // Emily and Stephanie met in high school, where they ran the student paper and literary magazine together. Emily continued to study journalism in college at the University of Florida focusing on publication design and dabbling in photojournalism and graphic design. She moved to D.C. to work as the Creative Director for a local magazine before breaking away to start her own print and design shop.

Alessandra // With a background in printmaking from the University of Maryland, Ale and Stephanie met in grad school where they studied book arts. Alessandra’s work is colorful and pattern-driven, stemming from her Colombian heritage. She loves printing, and is often assisted by her two tiny chihuahuas.

Stephanie // Armed with a degree in English literature, Stephanie entered the world of letterpress via the Corcoran College of Art + Design’s MA Art & the Book program. As a printer and a designer, she believes letterpress is the perfect marriage of the two, being both beautiful and tactile.


Organization Brief :
Organization Name : Typecase Industries
Website : http://www.typecaseindustries.com
Address : 52 O Street NW, 10652 O Street Artist StudiosWashington, DC20001USA -77.01078

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