Post Express Article on Live-Work Spaces

From an article from the Washington Post Express:

“…Rental options for artists — especially young and just-starting-out artists — are equally crucial as ownership opportunities. At 52 O St. NW, a large historic brick warehouse houses a gaggle of creative types, from poets and DJs to painters, printmakers and video artists, who share rental units that often double as live-work spaces.

“After you leave art school, it’s hard to find that critique or that support to talk about and discuss your work, share ideas and talk about the creative process,” says Lisa Marie Thalhammer, a 28-year-old painter who has lived and created in an O Street apartment for the past five years.

A live-work space cultivates a commute-free lifestyle that’s convenient but, more significantly, crucial to an integrated approach to art. “When inspiration hits you at any time of the day, you can approach your work — it doesn’t have to be so scheduled,” Thalhammer says. “Living and working in the same space always allows for that spontaneity.”

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